Martha J Dodd’s Latest Murals Feature Havanese Puppies!

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If You Like Puppies, and You Like Children, You Won’t Want To Miss These Murals by Martha Dodd

Royal Flush Havanese, Inc., a Fort Myers Breeder of Havanese Dogs, Commissions 2 Large Scale Murals With Martha J Dodd.

Royal Flush Havanese, Inc., Located in Fort Myers Florida, and also Rhode Island, brightened up their environment by enlisting the talents of Martha J Dodd. Martha Dodd painted two murals – 6 x 53 feet, and 6 x 26 feet, depicting puppies and dogs playing with their humans on the beach.

The Havanese is the National Dog of Cuba and the country’s only native breed (Havana = Havanese). Martha Dodd was told while creating these murals that the dogs were a popular breed for the circus, as they were very social and trainable. The dogs are very soft and fluffy, and love to snuggle as Martha observed. The owner, Holly Anderson Mastroianni, has been raising pups since she was 19.

Martha Dodd began the design process by researching the breed and creating a small scale plan for the murals for Holly’s approval. Once that was done, Martha Dodd erected scaffolding on wheels, prepared the walls by primering them, the drew in the puppies, people and beach according to her plan. Then, starting on one end, she painted each section within her reach to completion, before moving on to the next.

Martha always checks the design from a distance before moving the scaffold to make sure everything looks great from afar.

Martha Dodd also accepts commissions to paint portraits, and Royal Flush Havanese, Inc. has offered to promote this service to their clients.