Videos of custom mural projects by Martha J. Dodd, who specializes in natural scenery murals, Florida scenery and beach themed murals. In many cases photographs do not do a mural justice, and a movie is a great way to get the full effect. Enjoy the following custom mural videos:

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Yacht Mural – Master Stateroom

This is a mural of a beach scene, and takes advantage of the limited spaces for art on a yacht. The owner’s grandchild is featured chasing a beach ball. for more information on how to consign your own mural, please » contact us online

Yacht mural – Master Head

This mural incorporates a mermaid in an undersea mural in the master head on a yacht. Even the shower walls are included. For more information on how to commission your own mural, please » contact us online

Yacht mural – dayhead

This mural is in the day-head of a yacht. The space was transformed into an aquarium with sea creatures all around!

Shell Point Village

Trompe L’oeil foliage mural design adds color and dresses up a sunny courtyard patio in Southwest Florida. A great way to use Natural Scenery Murals to enhance a living space.

Underwater mural w/ Mermaid

Undersea mural created for children’s bedroom. Created in 2011 by Martha J. Dodd, who was assisted by Marty Koehler.

Robert’s Mural

A tropical custom mural for a master bathroom in a Marco Island, Florida home features beautiful wildlife and scenery.

Dagge foyer mural

Beautiful nature mural in a residential foyer features tropical birds, palm trees and a sandy beach scene. Great example of Martha’s Natural Scenery Murals.